Terms and conditions

Payment options

Payment by credit card at our online store is made possible with OTP Bank’s secure card acceptance system using SSL encryption protocol. When paying with a card, you will be redirected to OTP Bank’s payment site, which means that the transaction itself takes place on a site operated by the Bank in accordance with the requirements and security regulations of international card companies, rather than at our online store. We will thus be unable to access or otherwise acquire your card details or data of the pertaining bank account, in any form.

Delivery Policy

We are shipping to almost any country in the world. In the order process you can choose your counry at the check out from the country list at the customer information part.

Expected Delivery Date:  3 - 15 days

We have free world wide shipping via the national post office. 

Terms and conditions

1. If no written exceptions agreed between www.danielkleinwatch.com and its customers, every relations between www.danielkleinwatch.com  and its customers are subjected to these terms and conditions which are known and accepted by the customer, even if those terms and conditions are opposed to their own terms and conditions or buying conditions. The terms and conditions are available in the language of English on this website.

2. Every order confirmations brings acceptation of prices and descriptions of the products. While buying online, the customer accepts to conclude a contract of purshase with www.danielkleinwatch.com  and accepts these terms and conditions. The customer is informed of the confirmation of his order by an email describing the terms of the order.  www.danielkleinwatch.com   commits itself to respect recieved orders on the website.

If the products are not available, www.danielkleinwatch.com  commits itself to inform the customer as soon as possible. The purchase contract between www.danielkleinwatch.com  and its customers arises when www.danielkleinwatch.com  accepts the order.

3. The products are delivered by the national post office  or via DHL ( for extra fees)  in the world where the website  allow them to deliver. Insofar as www.danielkleinwatch.com  is able, the delivery will occur at the date informed in the order confirmation. Delivery period are so indicative even if they are respected at 90%. Possible delays will not involve any damages  from www.danielkleinwatch.com. Any duty taxes, like imwww.danielkleinwatch.com port taxes owed will be paied by the consignee and will never be claimed back to

4. Delivery costs  ( if the DHL express shipping was chosen as a delivery method) and possible assembly costs will be paid by the customer. Assembly of goods are at customers' own risk.

5. Immediately after recieving the goods, the puchaser has to manage a meticulous inspection of the goods and, in case of defect or damages from transport, to inform the seller by mail ( info@danielkleinwatch.com) In case of, within 2 (two) days after delivery of the goods, the purchaser doesn't contact www.danielkleinwatch.com  to communicate the possible defects or damages noticed during the inspection it is considered that the goods are fully accepted by the buyer in the state in which thay are and the right for any complaints expires after that delay.

The seller must be immediately able to control any complaints. The purchaser commits himself to give to the seller, in any circumstances, the possibility to repare the possible damages or defects.

The purchaser loses the rights and competences at his disposal if he didn't communicate his complaints in the delays noted above and/or he didn't give the seller the possibility to repare the possible damages or defects and/or if he didn't pay enough attention to discover the damages or defects as soon as possible.

If the complaints are justified in seller's eyes, the seller will have the possibility either to pay a compensation up to the value of the delivered goods or to replace the damaged or defect goods for free. The seller does not have to pay any additionnal compensations or damages, in any kind.

6. Considering his quality of intermediary, www.danielkleinwatch.com  limits the guarantee on delivered products to the ones granted by his suppliers. As far as the conditions of the guarantee allows it, www.danielkleinwatch.com will limit his intervention to the replacement of defective products or to the refund of the amount payed by the customers without any right for claims for damages. www.danielkleinwatch.com will not be liable for the non-intervention of his suppliers regarding the guarantee, for example in case of bankruptcy of the suppliers.The buyer commits itself not to claim any compensation for material damage, whatever its nature, that himself or a third person could suffer next to having sold or used items fromwww.danielkleinwatch.com For this reason, the customer signs away to have recourse against www.danielkleinwatch.com and acknowledges that is not able to guarantee that sold items don't harm third's rights.

7. In the scope of distance selling to consumers, the consumer has the right to inform the seller that he cancels his purchase, without any penalties and reasons, within 14 workdays from the day after the delivery of the parcel. In case of exercise of this right, the consumer has to send back the goods in the original packing and in brand new state to watchwebstore4you.com, to his own risks and to his own costs.

8. Because of his purchase on the internet site, the customer allows expressly www.danielkleinwatch.com  to process his personel data and to use them for administrative purpose, orders management, deliveries or invoicing, follow-up of solvency, marketing and advertising. Utilization of this information for marketing or advertising purposes depends on the agreement of the customers, given during the order. www.danielkleinwatch.com commits itself to communicate those data only for needs from its subsidiaries, excluding any other third parties. The customer who has ordered on the website www.danielkleinwatch.com  will be able, at any time, to consult and amend its own personal data that www.danielkleinwatch.com  registered. The customer has the right to oppose himself, on demand and for free, to the treatment of the information fot marketing or advertising purposes.

9. If any of these present conditions and terms sould be declared nil or non-applicable, the other present conditions and terms keep in force, and that condition would be applicable to the extend alowed by the law.

10. The different parties accept, in the scope of their relations, every electronic pieces of evidence such as Emails, back ups,...

11. Conflicts about the conclusion, validity, interpretation or execution of the contract are only ruled by the certain country law. In case of dispute, only the courts of the seller's head office are competent.

12. In case the item is damaged on arrival, please do not assemble it before having received an answer from our After-Sales service department. All assembled products are considered as accepted.

13.Guarantee on the Daniel Klein watch products are 12 Months.

The internet website www.danielkleinwatch.com; e-mail: info@danielkleinwatch.com